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"And a double standard for BS" To those of the Paint Brawl community...

2008-07-07 18:28:00 by Rageblood

At 7/7/08 5:44 PM, Rageblood wrote: Well, I can't believe that I was banned, but Jacobdg isn't. I've told the truth in a (somewhat) humorous way. Jacobdg hasn't learned a thing, he hasn't followed the rules (double-posting, insulting in a not so truthful way, etc.) Just look, Jacob posted "RAGEBLOOD FOR AWFUL TIER HE SUCKS OOLOLLOLOLOLOL" or "I HAT U DUMBAS" or something like that. He hasn't gotten a warning, nor a one day ban. I've got banned, but my actions are dwarfed by others take a look at Mega/Liteice, Michalmyers, etc.

Michalmyers for example, he double posted a lot and me hardly got a warning until John shows up, and Jacob <bold>HE DOUBLE POSTS ALL THE TIME</bold>, he has no warnings, no etc. No blah blah blah.

And I got banned for saying "Error: no brain found".

On a side note why is one person using a mod account (Swordkill) but hardly ever online anyways. It's kinda insane.

Double standard for bullshit if you ask me.


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2008-07-07 20:21:14

MichalMyers is annoying and a pain in the ass, why did dvc let him in here anyways, DVC IF YOU READ THIS YES, I SWEAR I HATE YOUR FRIEND, I WANT THIS GUY BANNED HE JUST DOESN:T LISTEN!!

But RageBlood, it was kind of mean telling jacob that, why didn't you just tell him "no", Rabies took this very personally, why, I got no clue.

But you are kind of right, jacob does get away with it.


2008-07-07 20:54:44

I pmed Mike before John saw, and at this stage he's on his last warning (he's like 8 or something, he's clearly not the brightest kid).
Sorry, scratch that, he's now banned.

You on the other hand should know better, and you didn't just say "Error: no brain found", you went above and beyond just that. Someone asked you a question:

"Rageblood do you have any AK-47s that arent hello kitty?"

And you responded with "Error in processing request, buyer has lack of intelligence to use firearms. Buyer needs a brain to use any basic firearms."

It's completely uncalled for, and you clearly have a bias against any new users that suck at spelling and grammar and the like.


2008-10-11 16:48:58

Destcurin ive told mike to stay away frpm brawl because he doesnt know a thing about the rules. Mike listened to me and went back to world of warcraft so no need to worry about him even though he was unbanned.