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This is a post of nothing.

2008-07-07 18:40:42 by Rageblood


"And a double standard for BS" To those of the Paint Brawl community...

2008-07-07 18:28:00 by Rageblood

At 7/7/08 5:44 PM, Rageblood wrote: Well, I can't believe that I was banned, but Jacobdg isn't. I've told the truth in a (somewhat) humorous way. Jacobdg hasn't learned a thing, he hasn't followed the rules (double-posting, insulting in a not so truthful way, etc.) Just look, Jacob posted "RAGEBLOOD FOR AWFUL TIER HE SUCKS OOLOLLOLOLOLOL" or "I HAT U DUMBAS" or something like that. He hasn't gotten a warning, nor a one day ban. I've got banned, but my actions are dwarfed by others take a look at Mega/Liteice, Michalmyers, etc.

Michalmyers for example, he double posted a lot and me hardly got a warning until John shows up, and Jacob <bold>HE DOUBLE POSTS ALL THE TIME</bold>, he has no warnings, no etc. No blah blah blah.

And I got banned for saying "Error: no brain found".

On a side note why is one person using a mod account (Swordkill) but hardly ever online anyways. It's kinda insane.

Double standard for bullshit if you ask me.

This is a test.

2008-04-27 16:27:04 by Rageblood

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Also, look at my new little avatar!

Remember the MS paint brawl thread last year? Here it is REBORN! You'll have to get an account though, since these assholes keep spamming it. x.c.cgi

These guys are too stupid to enter the forum, spammed it, and then got banned. Here is the reasons.

Jacobdg - Spammer, sepks lik tis, stalker of the user John12346, impersonates many members.

Liteice - Spammer, wants to get user Mega (forgot actual name and too lay to get the link) demodded and look like an asshole, tries to get the forums spammed up, wants to participate in groups so badly that he'll suck cock.

Anyways! HAVE FUN!


2007-10-13 22:59:47 by Rageblood

I have nothing to to and I am bored